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Aylin Dengizer-Sharp

I am a trained professional artist with a degree in Fine Art., and am based in the UK. I work in various media including inks and acrylics but mainly in oils. I have exhibited in the Bahamas, Spain and the UK.

In 1988-1989 I obtained a National Diploma in Foundation Studies from West Sussex College of Art & Design in Worthing. Between 1990 and 2000 I spent my years abroad building my art career in the Bahamas, doing commissions and teaching art, and studied graphic design in the United States. I then continued working as a freelance artist in Freeport, Bahamas. I used various media but specialised in seascapes, landscapes, and other island scenes using oils. I later continued freelancing in Spain exploring the Mediterranean light on white washed buildings and in narrow cobbled streets and mountain terrains.

I returned to England to complete a degree course in Fine Art (Painting) at Northbrook College, in Worthing, from 2004-2007. In this exhibition I use subject matters from my travels around this country and abroad focusing on coastlines, boats, and more exotic Mediterranean and oriental scenes. I find the rugged coastlines and colourful harbours visually exciting and I try to capture this excitement in my paintings along with the strong light. I am very interested in the effects of light and many of my paintings have strong lights and darks or are painted Ďagainst the light'. I am equally at home with figurative work and if you wish to discuss any of my work or a commission please use the contact page details.